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Cast Iron Street Signs Prevail

At the beginning of this year, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation issued a 2018 deadline for all street signs to be standard across the state: six-inch lettering and a highly reflective coating, according to an Ardmore patch.com article. This would replace the historical, cast iron signs in Lower Merion Township that appear on every street corner.

The town’s historical commission took it upon themselves to protect the historical signs from being replaced, not only for the signs’ historical significance, but for the financial burden and environmental concerns the new signs introduce.

Like the metalcasting industry, the street signs have been around for a while and are still in a good condition. Only minimal maintenance is required for these 100-year-old signs, and the new signs are only predicted to last 10 years.

Luckily, the township had the 2018 deadline postponed and the cast iron street signs will be gracing the corners of the Lower Merion Township for at least seven more years.