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Coming to a Class Near You

Whether you are a casting buyer or a fifth grade student, a field trip to a metalcasting facility can be eye opening. Unfortunately, making that trip is not always possible. A college project has found a way to bring the casting facility to the student.

We recently witnessed a Foundry in a Box demonstration at a Cast Metals Institute intro to metalcasting course. In the time it takes to zap a baked potato, the demonstrator melted tin in a small crucible using a household microwave revamped for this special purpose. Students were able to make their own sand mold and have a go at pouring in the liquid tin.

Foundry in a Box has been developed by casting engineering students over the past several years. Now the kit is available to the public. If learning is doing, this certainly is an effective way to understand the casting process.

By the way, the whole “foundry” does indeed fit into a 31.50 x 22.87 x 19-in. shipping case.