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Safety Hits Headlines Again

A Monday review of metalcasters making the news brought up a story about an explosion at a Milwaukee casting facility over the weekend. The fire caused by the explosion was quickly contained by fire fighters, but two workers were injured.

Explosions are known hazards that metalcasters work to eliminate, but everyone must be aware of the causes. It's not clear what was the cause of the explosion over the weekend, but an article in the upcoming July issue of MODERN CASTING addresses several steps metalcasters should take to eliminate the chance for water or moisture to enter the melt, which is one of the major causes of molten metal explosions. 

The tips, presented by the Health and Safety Committee of the American Foundry Society, are important procedures that should be followed. They include inspecting material that goes into the melt for residual moisture, preheating charge materials and tools, and keeping the furnace pit area clean and dry. Your workers’ safety and your business’s capital, equipment and reputation are at stake.