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Metalcasting Helps Haiti

There’s been no shortage of media coverage of the earthquake that recently rocked Haiti. And as touching and heart wrenching as much of it is, it can become a little repetitive and go unnoticed.

But when the news involves metalcasting, our attentions are always aroused.

Apparently, the metalcasting process recently helped Alfred Univ., Alfred, N.Y., earn more than $5,000 for the Haitian relief effort. According to an article in the school’s newspaper, the Alfred Univ. Foundry Guild sold $10 sand molds to locals, allowed them to scratch designs into the molds and poured them off, producing original sculptures for all of the would-be philanthropists. The funds, augmented by a silent auction of artwork, were donated to a Haitian family with ties to the school and Doctors Without Borders.

It may seem incongruous, metalcasting for charity, but to us it makes perfect sense. The industry that has been rebuilding things for hundreds of years—taking what has been scrapped and reforming it into something useful—is now helping to rebuild a nation.