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Sellers First, Buyers Second

FENAF is all about selling castings. And what´s wrong with that?

FENAF is the biannual conference of the Latin American metalcasting industry. We are currently attending the event (Sept. 22-25 in Sao Paulo, Brazil)  largely because of an effort by the Brazilian Foundry Association (ABIFA) to attract foreign journalists to cover the show. The association markets that effort as an unabashed attempt to gain exposure for its castings in international markets.

However you feel about that desire to win a portion of other countries´ casting-buyer pie, you have to respect the dedication to sales inherent in the campaign, which doesn´t end when ABIFA sends out a few invitations to scribes like us. Like some other international fairs, FENAF attempts to bring together metalcasters and their customers by giving booth space to the former and extending attendee invitations to the latter. In addition to bettering metalcasters by providing them access to the newest equipment available, the conference is a place to find new customers, a place to develop leads both up and down the supply chain.

We´re not here to endorse of condemn this approach to running a metalcasting fair. But you have to admit, the commitment to relentlessly pursuing new customers is commendable, and it´s a trait that all metalcasters should remember to maintain in their businesses.