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Shakeout Backstory: Lost at Sea

When we first heard from photographer Gordon Snyder, we weren’t sure we could help him. He was looking for information from our readers, but as a trade publication, we try to stick to giving our readers information.

After further review, it seemed that Mr. Snyder indeed had something to offer. Check out this month’s Shakeout column for the results.

Mr. Snyder’s original intent in sending us the material we published in Shakeout was to find the source of the cast metal steps in the St. Mary’s River lighthouse. So here, in the more relaxed world of online publishing, we thought we’d return the favor. Can any of you, our experienced and well-educated readers, help pinpoint the source?

By the way, during a phone conversation with Mr. Snyder, he mentioned to us that he had in the past come across a similar situation where he was trying to determine the maker of another manufactured product. He went on to say that one call to the appropriate trade organization elicited dozens of responses from members of the industry. Consider that a challenge, and offer your two cents in the comment box below.