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It’s the Metalcasting Link Parade!

We find and are directed toward a lot of interesting metalcasting-related web pages. But unfortunately, we don’t have the time to do something with all of them. So here, for your enjoyment, are a few cool links that have fallen through the cracks over the past couple of months:

Think your little brother should do some art casting? If he lives in Shafer, Minn., he can head out and give it a shot: Hot Metal Pour

Here’s a look at a metalcaster who was in the press for both a cool casting and for slumping business: 7/7 Memorial Firm ‘In Difficulty’

And a good photo and story about “the world’s first cast iron bridge”: Ironbridge and the Industrial Revolution

This link won’t have your siblings pouring works of art, but it will take you on a tour of a metalcasting facility and sculpture garden: Shidoni Foundry

This museum dedicated to metalcasting opened in Australia last month: Museum Pays Tribute

Ever wonder from where the Vatican gets its bells? It’s a metalcasting facility in Agnone, Italy, and it’s “beginning to fear for its future”: Vatican Bell Foundry

Speaking of bell casters, the Queen of England visited one several months ago: Queen’s Visit

Even in hard times, this automotive diecaster has found a positive spin: Kentuckiana Company

Heard metalcasting is declining in high school?  Tell that to Tates Creek High School: Tates Creek Students