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Another Satisfied Metalcasting Customer (on TV!)

Waterworks metalcasters often have unique customer lists.

EBAA Iron Co., Eastland, Texas, for example, sells its line of water pipe restraint products primarily through wholesale distribution centers, such as Ferguson Underground and HD Supply (Home Depot’s wholesale arm). Contractors purchase the products from those locations and use them in their projects. (Check out this article in MODERN CASTING for more information on EBAA Iron.)

And according to Contractor magazine, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry, Charlotte, N.C., operates similarly. The magazine points to a recent episode of the seminal “This Old House,” in which contractor Richard Trethewey uses the metalcaster’s pipes and fittings in a plumbing repair project. Trethewey doesn’t mention the metalcaster by name, but if Contractor is correct, you can see the product in the four minute video here.

If you’re unable to stream video on your computer, we’ll ruin the suspense—Trethewey successfully installs the Charlotte Pipe parts and leaves the old house working like new.