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Turn the Beat Around

We’ve met many people in the industry who are passionate about metalcasting, but we’re hard-pressed to think of someone with the same kind of passion as a woman from Kawaguchi, Japan. A recent article from the Japanese newspaper, Daily Yomiuri, tells the story of 23-year-old percussionist Sayaka Nojiri, who is promoting the metalcasting industry the best way she knows how—drumming.

The daughter and granddaughter of metalcasters, Nojiri is hoping to promote the industry that was once a pride of the city but since has dwindled. She turns metal castings made in Kawaguchi into percussion instruments for recitals around town—her way of showing gratitude to the city, she said.

From the article:

"She turned metal-cast products, including frying pans, into percussion instruments by putting holes in them to create a variety of unusual sounds.

At her recital last year, she improvised for an audience of about 300, while imagining the sounds and smells of foundries and the feel of the casting process."

Maybe we should start taking drumming lessons.