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Metalcaster Makes the Radio

An employee for May Foundry and Machine Co., Salt Lake City, Utah, recently was featured on a local radio program about the lives of Utahans.

According to the story on KUER FM90, a public radio station licensed to the Univ. of Utah, David Thomlin has been working for May Foundry for more than 38 years. He got a job at the plant shoveling coal from railroad cars and began his career as a molder nine months later. Today, he is the ferrous nobake shop’s lead molder.

Thomlin hasn’t become rich working in the metalcasting facility, the story tells us, but he has all the things he needs and provides for his family.

“I still enjoy coming in, and I still enjoy making something,” he told the radio station. “I’m taking a raw material, sand, and putting it with some chemicals and taking junk, basically, and creating something, and it’s going to be used by thousands of people, hundreds of thousands of people—if I did my job right.”

The radio spot also goes into some detail on the metalcasting process itself, indicating it can be used to make a variety of items, including parts “for a snow blower” or “a carbon regenerating plant that makes briquettes.”

“I think it was rather nice and a testament to the kinds of workers and employees we have here [at May Foundry],” said Mike May, customer service and safety manager.