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Marketing to Your Employees

A lot of effort is spent by our staff to show the benefits of the casting process to casting purchasers and designers. Castings are often behind the scenes, and part of our job is to connect the behind-the-scenes part with the end-result. Metalcasting facilities do the same with their customers and prospective customers.

But how often do you market your casting process to your employees? They are the ones making the part. Do they know what it’s for? Do they know why it is being cast rather than produced in another manufacturing process? Maybe that elevator part isn’t seen by office workers going to the 10th floor, but the molder in the casting facility will know it was partly due to his effort that the elevator car has the ability to stop safely at the correct floor.

In the past couple of weeks, the editors here have visited metalcasting facilities in Ohio, Ontario and Arizona. Each facility communicates with its employees in various ways, whether it is through weekly meetings or television feeds in the break rooms with company announcements. These avenues are prime opportunities to show your employees how a casting will be used in the real world.