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Your Weekly Metalcasting Fix

Whenever one of us here in the MODERN CASTING office comes across an interesting metalcasting-related item, we’ll pass along the info to each other—whether it’s a url link, a clipped magazine story or a quick recap of what was seen on television. We know you do it, too, because many times we’ll receive emails from you, our readers, with similar commentaries. Sometimes these exchanges spark a discussion. Sometimes they lead to an idea for a feature article or news item. Sometimes they receive a short “huh,” and that’s it. But these communications have become an important way to stay keyed into the metalcasting industry. Our new Metalcasting Blog is an extension of that everyday, watercooler exchange. Here you’ll find thoughts on industry trends, highlights of metal castings found in the every-day world, analysis of news items, reactions to facility tours, industry events and conferences, and our general musings. We welcome comments to our entries. Point us to some news you’ve come across on your own, or bring up a discussion that’s been weighing on your mind. This is our way to involve you in our daily approach to covering the metalcasting industry. Visit us often to see what’s new in the industry. We’ll keep you posted.