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Committee Q&A: Greg Bray

The AFS Engineering Division is a leader in fostering the use of emerging technologies in foundries. In 2021, the group’s name was changed to the AFS Engineering and Smart Manufacturing Division to reflect modern foundry engineering. 

The focus of the division is to drive research and innovation in new technologies for metalcasters. This includes robots and cobots, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, data collection, the Industrial Internet of Things, and other tools associated with smart manufacturing.

Today, the division is led by Chair Greg Bray, president of Electric Controls & Systems (Birmingham, Alabama), who was presented the Norris B. Luther Distinguished Service Award in 2019 for his contributions to the Engineering Division. 

Modern Casting reached out to Bray to talk about his experience on the division and what it’s been up to recently. 

Greg Bray
Greg Bray

Modern Casting: What’s your role in AFS Committees and how did you get involved?
Bray:  Presently I am chairman of the Engineering and Smart Division. I’ve been involved in this division for over 20 years and really enjoy working with, and on, this division.

MC: What is a recent contribution the division has made to membership and the industry?
Bray: The biggest undertaking for our division is helping AFS get the 4.0 Engineering Group up and running. So far, we have held two 4.0 Engineering sessions, and both have been very successful. We also have an Energy Group that is always keeping the division updated on new energy uses and methods on saving energy.

We are constantly advertising for new members and making as many phone calls as possible to foundries and suppliers to join our division.

MC: What foundry issues is the division tackling right now, and how?
Bray: One of our main Division responsibilities is the “Plant Engineering Award.” This award recognizes a company/division/corporation for its plant engineering achievements in the planning, installation, operation, and maintenance of foundry equipment and processes. The award’s emphasis is on the application and implementation of new and innovative equipment associated with existing and new cast metal technology. 

The award is intended to encourage the advance of technical expertise and professionalism of foundry engineering in the application, operation, and maintenance of foundry equipment, including the associated management control and information systems. 
We are also in the planning stages of our next Foundry 4.0 Engineering Conference.

MC: How can someone become involved in the committee?
Bray: Any individual interested in joining can contact me at gbray@ecands.com or AFS headquarters (kperna@afsinc.org) for introduction to the Engineering and Smart Manufacturing Division.