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Spread the Word With Twitter

Shannon Wetzel

Do you tweet? Or do you at least lurk on your Twitter feed, getting the latest updates on Tebow mania, CNN news, or your favorite musician’s concert dates? We’re not the first ones to announce this, but Twitter can be more than a guilty pleasure. It’s a way to touch base with your customers, your employees and your neighbors.

Some metalcasters are already on board, including Bremen Castings (@bremencastings), Sivyer Steel (@SivyerSteel), and Waukesha Foundry (@waukeshafoundry), to name a few. Many news and industry organizations dealing specifically with metalcasting are on there, too, including the American Foundry Society (@amerfoundrysoc),  Foundry-Planet.com (@foundryplanet), the North American Die Casting Assocation (@NADCAblog), Metal Casting Design & Purchasing magazine (@Metal_Castings), and our own Al Spada (@SpadaLuvCasting).

If you’re on Twitter, let us know—we’ll follow you! If you’ve avoided Twitter, reconsider dipping in. Tell us about your employees’ training accomplishments, the casting program you’ve just launched, the equipment you’re installing, the employee BBQ you are hosting, the student group tour you’re giving, the safety milestone you’ve reached. 

You have good news to tell. Twitter can be your publisher.

-Shannon Wetzel, Digital Managing Editor