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Quality Castings Spreads Good Metalcasting News

Ohio newspaper the Daily Record ran a nice article on Quality Castings, Orrville, Ohio, over the weekend. The iron metalcaster has been able to survive the financial hardships of the past two years without laying off a worker. Now the 275-employee facility is experiencing an upswing in business.

There’s a lot to like in the article, but our favorite is a quote from the company’s president, Dave Yonto: "There are always concerns about offshore production, but India and China are here to stay. There's a place for both."

True, U.S. business have lost orders to other countries, but contrary to current public sentiment, it doesn’t mean the demise of our country’s entire manufacturing sector. The good companies are finding ways to replace those lost orders, and many are taking advantage of the global climate by forming their own international partnerships to supply castings to developing economies overseas. The great thing about Yonto’s quote is that it should instill confidence in the public that U.S. manufacturing--including metalcasting--can coexist with global competition.

In the article, Yonto goes on to express his belief that U.S. manufacturing’s biggest obstacles come from our own country’s government, most notably overregulation by the Environmental Protection Agency.

We hope articles like the Daily Record’s are read by just as many people who read about Ford’s Cleveland Casting Plant closing last week. And kudos to Yonto and Quality Castings for running a successful business and portraying the metalcasting industry in its proper light.