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Clinkenbeard Is All A-Twitter

If you still haven’t heard about Twitter, not only do you live under a rock, it’s one of the world’s few remaining rocks without internet access.

While we at MODERN CASTING haven’t started posting our happenings on the newest social media site, we can’t get through a day without some new guru coming to us claiming to be the first to “know how to get the most out of Twitter.” You, too, have probably been bombarded with information about Twittering, Tweeting, micro-blogging, and all the rest.

But alas, the metalcasting industry lags behind. Try plugging “metalcasting” or “foundry” into the Twitter search bar. You won’t find much that is relevant to or representative of our industry.

Enter the innovators. Concurrently with their attendance of this year’s Paris Air Show, rapid prototyping gurus Clinkenbeard, Rockford, Ill., have launched both a new blog and a Twitter page. The company says it will use the outlets to “communicate with customers, prospects, the Rockford business community, and the media.”

“We are encouraging our customers and prospects to participate and hope that other Rockford companies and organizations, as well as the media, will join the conversation,” said Ron (Reg) Gustafson Jr., a project manager for the company, in a press release about the launches.

Twitter may not be for your company, but online communication offers innumerable opportunities to connect with your customers. So get that rock you’re under wired for access, and start sending out your message.