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We’re Not the Only Ones Who Noticed

Finally, the metalcasting industry gets some quality play for the efforts it’s making to be more environmentally friendly.

In a recent article in the New York Times, decorative investment caster SA Baxter, Chester, N.Y., is heralded as one of a number of metalcasting facilities that has introduced green practices. Per the article:

At Baxter’s factory…no lead is used, no wastewater is produced, almost no emissions are released into the atmosphere, and many of the materials used are recycled.

Of course, at least part of that statement (“many of the materials used are recycled”) is true of basically every metalcasting facility in the country—heck, the world—but we’ll take the praise where we can get it. What’s more, the generally left-leaning NYT does go on to implicate some of the rest of the industry:

Baxter is not the only foundry using cleaner techniques. Makers of products like auto parts, jet engines and medical devices use some of the same technology. But the companies often do not sell directly to consumers and are not necessarily marketed as green.

Again, we’d like to protest the last part of that statement, but it’s good to see our hard-working industry getting a green thumbs-up.