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Not Trying to Trick You

The results of our question of the month are misleading. Click over there and have a look for yourself.

Back? Good. Did you look at the results, see the “zero” answer leading the pack and think, shoot, not many jobs are coming back from low-cost countries these days? If you did, you’ve been misled.

In case you didn’t head over to the page to figure out what the heck we’re talking about, the question asked: “How many jobs formerly sourced in a low-cost country has your facility won back in the past year?”

The zero answer garnered 37.9% of the vote, so it seems like it’s leading the pack. But the lion’s share of our readers in fact have beaten out low-cost countries for at least one job in the past year. While they’re spread across the spectrum from one to more than 10 jobs won, 62.1% of the metalcasters responding to the survey didn’t answer zero.

So, just to clear the air, while our poll setup makes it look like the domestic industry is still being outmatched, that’s simply not the case.