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Our Biggest Customer

Every year, we are faced with new regulations and laws from our government that make it harder to do business. We fight them through proper channels, but ultimately we must play on the field in front of us.

We can’t say the same about our government’s choices of suppliers, as we must try to alter that field. Whether the government is local or federal, and whether the product is a manhole cover or a transmission case for a tank, we must demand that our government purchase its goods from domestic suppliers.

Recent articles on New York City buying manhole covers from India and Airbus winning military aircraft orders over Boeing have focused the spotlight on this issue, and we, as manufacturers, must continue to push it on all levels of government. It is just as important to our economy for every Anytown, U.S.A., to buy domestically as it is for New York City.

If we want to turn around the slow decline of U.S. manufacturing, we need to regain all of the business of our biggest customer—our local and federal government. Take the time to ask your leaders how their purchasing decisions are made; it is worth the effort.