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Is the Left Right or Wrong?

Your answers to the February MODERN CASTING Question of the Month are in, and they could be cause for concern.

The question asked, “How would the domestic metalcasting industry be affected by a democrat in the White House in 2009?” Of the respondents, 55.9% thought a politician from the left would affect metalcasting negatively, and 29% predicted the result would be the opposite, with a democrat improving the industry. Only 15.1% thought a change in the oval office’s party affiliation wouldn’t affect the industry at all.

With all due respect to the prognosticating skills of the MODERN CASTING readership, this doesn’t mean a democrat will necessarily affect the metalcasting industry negatively. It does mean that a section of the industry believes a democrat will affect the industry negatively.

This is where the cause for concern lies. The advancement of the metalcasting industry through government assistance is dependent on the industry helping itself. Metalcasters must speak out in their own favor, visit Washington, write letters to legislators and invite legislators to visit their plants.

But if a significant group within the metalcasting community is convinced a democrat will make its plight more difficult, it’s less likely to attempt to make inroads with prevailing government entities. And that’s not right, even if the president is left.