McWane Ductile Wrestling Room Opens at Firth Youth Center

The Firth Youth Center in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, held a community ribbon-cutting ceremony at the end of February, officially opening the doors to its renovated “McWane Ductile Wrestling Room,” according to an article at

“We saw an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of these young athletes,” said Kelly Bray, inside sales manager for McWane Ductile and newly appointed board member of the Youth Center. “It’s about more than just a wrestling room; it’s about investing in the potential of every student.”

With a generous donation from McWane Ductile, the youth center received a refresh that included wall and ceiling painting, HVAC upgrades, new wrestling mats, and character-motivating word decals. In addition to wrestling, the multi-functional room accommodates karate, dance, and a myriad of recreational events for the Phillipsburg community.