Dakota Foundry implements I4.0, digital foundry with MAGMASOFT purchase

Dakota Foundry, an Anderson Industries Company located in Webster, South Dakota, has acquired the MAGMASOFT Autonomous Engineering tools to further advance its innovation and support production of complex, high-quality iron castings. 

The jobbing foundry, established in 1977, has positioned itself as an industry leader in delivering low- and high-volume production castings to customers in a broad range of industries such as agriculture, construction, transportation, manufacturing, renewable energy, and oil and gas. In addition to the team of dedicated and hardworking people, the foundry’s strengths also include the proprietary INSTACAST process, driven by additive manufacturing and 3D sand printing; a high degree of production flexibility, supported by green sand and nobake molding methods; and the engineering expertise to support customers’ casting design and development needs.

At Dakota Foundry, MAGMASOFT will be implemented across such functional groups as sales and quoting, pattern making, molding and melting, and quality departments with the objective of promoting seamless collaboration and process control to meet customers’ expectations of quality, delivery and value. This collaboration will be driven by the real-time production data from the foundry and its digital twin created by MAGMASOFT’s cutting-edge process development and optimization