Midvale Industries celebrates 120 years

AFS Corporate Member Midvale Industries, a supplier of industrial process solutions, celebrates its 120th anniversary this year. It began in 1901 as a local foundry and mining supplier and today offers an expanded offering to clients across the U.S., including process solutions for foundry, die casting, aerospace, automotive, medical, metal finishing, manufacturing, painting and other industrial operations.

“I believe our success is based on our unique mission, which goes beyond the normal customer and supplier relationship,” said Midvale President Gregg Kitzelman. “While we provide our clients with innovative industrial supplies and equipment, our team also acts as customer consultants, working with our clients to continually improve how to use those products and equipment in an economical, safe, and efficient way. I’m so proud of Midvale’s success over the last 120 years, driven by our service model and long-lasting customer relationships.”

Today, Midvale is backed by a team of trained technical representatives, with the aim of being strategic partners to its customers, and to increase productivity, improve overall quality, and eliminate health & safety concerns for customers and partners.