Minnesota patternmaker buys, relocates Oregon-based Adolf’s Pattern Shop

Midwest Pattern (Minnesota City, Minnesota), has acquired Adolf’s Pattern Shop, Inc., Portland, Oregon, and has relocated the 50-year-old company in entirety to Minnesota. Journeyman patternmaker Adolf Volkmann founded his company with his wife, Leonor, an accountant, in 1969. His career path began in Berlin in the late 1940s, and he immigrated to North America in 1959.

Now in their 80s, the couple has continued, till recently, to develop and market their products––including Volkmann’s well-known mold locks––with the assistance of their family. They’ve been seeking a buyer for a few years to take over their global enterprise. But by mid-2019, the Volkmanns notified their customers and started to liquidate their inventory. That’s when long-time customers of Adolf’s, Jason and Carrie Speltz at Midwest Pattern, decided to take action.

Recognizing the detrimental effect that the loss of Adolf’s products would mean to the patternmaking and metalcasting industry, Midwest Pattern set up a meeting early this year where the two master craftsmen shared their backgrounds and dedication to the trade––an agreement for Midwest Pattern to purchase Adolf’s Pattern Shop became effective April 2, 2020. 

“Midwest Pattern’s operations and ties to Adolf’s products provide a growth opportunity, will sustain product availability for the patternmaking and metal-casting industries, and will complement both businesses during slow economic times,” said Jason Speltz. “We are honored to carry on and expand their legacy.” 

The rich history of Adolf’s is told in the About section of the company’s website, www.foundrysupply.com, where all its products will continue to be sold. For product inquiries and direct purchasing, email carrie@foundrysupply.com or call 507-450-8258; for technical specifications and product development inquiries, email jason@foundrysupply.com.