Hunter donates to local manufacturing program

In conjunction with Manufacturing Day, AFS Corporate Member Hunter Foundry Machinery Corp. (Schaumburg, Illinois) donated $5,000 to nearby Harper College’s manufacturing technology program. The program’s main objective is to decrease the shortage of skilled labor.

“The shortage of skilled labor is by no means a recent issue. A decline in skilled trades workers became apparent in 2012 and has continued to present difficulties for the manufacturing community,” the company said in a news release.

“The shortage is due to the trend in skilled laborers retiring faster than new talent entering the field. Programs like the Harper College manufacturing technology program are key to closing the skilled labor gap the nation is currently experiencing.”

Harper College has created a program designed to teach advanced manufacturing techniques to those looking to enter the skilled trades.

“Hunter Foundry recognizes the need to support programs working to close the skilled labor gap and is proud to be a contributor to the manufacturing technology program at Harper College,” the company said.